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I met Adriana in 2009 when I was in search for an investment property.

Well since then, I've bought five condos and she has been the property manager for all of then. She manages the renters, the repairs, and she find new renters when needed. I am thrilled to have her on my side and protecting my investments. I couldn't do it without her as I live in Chile, South America. I trust her and wouldn't use another realtor or property manager. I also referred 3 other colleagues from Chile and she also manages their investment properties. They have told me they are thrill and very satisfied with her and her services.

Hector Droguett

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Adriana Somberg as my realtor purchasing a home from 2000 miles away.

I was relocating in 3 months and needed to get into something. Adriana worked with me diligently looking at my options and locations. She was my “eyes” when I couldn’t be there to be present for viewings, inspections and maintenance issues. She acted as if she was buying the home for her self and communicated every step of the way, explaining the process and details of the sale. I highly recommend Adriana and would continue to use her services.

Christine Huber

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